Written By Seth Casteel

Fostering a dog presents so many fun and rewarding opportunities! In addition to caring for and socializing the dog, preparing marketing materials about the foster dog is essential. Photos, videos and a bio are all equally important in connecting the dog with right family.

The photos and videos you will create will be the calling card for your foster dog, offering some insight about the dog’s personality, as well as favorite activities!

Photo by Seth Casteel

Unlike photographing an adoptable dog in a shelter environment, the sky is the limit in a foster home situation! You can create photos and videos indoors, outdoors, anywhere that makes sense for the dog!

The more time you spend with the dog, the more you will learn. Document as much as you can! Does your dog like hiking? Bring your camera! Does your dog like to go on boat rides? Bring your camera! Does your dog sleep on the couch upside down? Take a picture!

If you have learned that the dog loves other dogs, cats and/or children, make a note in the bio and take a picture or video!

One of the big mysteries of adopting a dog directly from a city or county shelter is that sometimes little is known about the dog. By getting to know the dog, you will be able to reduce the mystery, which will help in finding a home that is best suited for the dog and for the family.

Photo by Seth Casteel

Seth’s Photo Tips:

  • Create unique moments of the dog’s personality
  • Smart phone cameras are terrific to use – use burst mode for action shots!
  • For videos, consider super slow-motion for action/play.
  • Use light from windows for indoor shots whenever possible