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Saving Sonoma

This sweet girl showed up on my porch back in March. I was 5 months pregnant and had 2 dogs of my own already, so I knew I couldn’t do much to help her on my own…
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Ensure a happy transition home with GoodPup's private training

Meet with a top-rated expert dog trainer each week, at home on 1-2 video calls, where you’ll learn essential skills and address unwanted dog behaviors. Between session, get additional help from GoodPup’s training and veterinary team with their 24/7 chat.

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Teaching Core Manners with Andrea Arden

How to Instill Good Behavior from the Beginning

Pet behavioral expert Andrea Arden has been fostering for years. One of the things she stresses in her foster training is core manners in puppies. Check out her tips for instilling good manners in puppies and helping them develop into caring adult dogs.

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Getting Ready for a Foster Dog

A Few Things to Consider Before You Decide to Foster

Many people jump into dog fostering and just learn as they go. That’s how a lot of us got into it, but some of the things we learned along the way would have been great to know before we started. What we’ll provide in this article is a general overview of things to consider before fostering and what you should expect.

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Is your dog misbehaving? Has adding a new puppy to the mix changed your older dog’s attitude? Behavioral expert Andrea Arden is here to help! Submit a question for a chance to have Andrea answer your question in our Ask Andrea column.

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Submitted by Sophia in Texas

The shelter I’m fostering for suggested that I use a crate for my foster dog but I feel so guilty when I go to work!  Is this really the best thing to do?

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Learn About Nutrition with Dr. Dodd, Halo Pets’ Vet Consultant

Congratulations on your new family member, whether you are fostering or are a forever family! There is an ever-growing number of dogs in need of homes, so by fostering or adopting you are quite literally saving a life – again, congratulations!

The first time you welcome a furry family member, it can be a daunting experience. Your new companion walks through the door and looks at you, like they expect you to have all the answers. What do you do? Each dog is a unique individual, with previous life experiences that influence their behaviour as well. Take some time to gently let them open up and gain confidence in their new environment.

Of course, a great way to start building that relationship and teaching your new dog that their new home is really a great gig, is by providing them with the resources they normally seek out. There are basic necessities in life we all want and need, including shelter, safety, companionship, and — you guessed it – food. Let’s dig into that last one and explore what foods we can give to dogs.

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