Have you ever had a foster parent send you a cute photo of their foster pet but, yikes!  There’s a pile of unmentionable laundry behind them?  Unusable.  But what if there was a website that made that photo clean, bright and removed all the background noise and distractions?  

Boom.  Adoptimize.

Adoptimized dog photos

Adoptimize for Fosters is a free web app that “automates the process of shooting and editing great pet photos in the home, making it easier for fosters to deliver YOU better images that increase visibility and engagement with pet profiles online.”

We tried it out with our pets and it is one of the easiest tools to use we’ve ever seen.  Load your photo, pick a background color, add a drop shadow and you have a studio quality image that is perfect for sharing.

And they just added a feline friendly option!

For your shelter, there is also a purchasable version of Adoptimize that will forever change your intake photos and boasts that it will also increase adoption rates, improve return to owner rates, reduce euthanasias, boost revenue and increase online engagement too.