Submitted by Brittany P. in Tennessee

This sweet girl showed up on my porch back in March. I was 5 months pregnant and had 2 dogs of my own already, so I knew I couldn’t do much to help her on my own. I called my local shelter, 2 different vet offices, and 2 rescues before I found All About Rescue and Fixing (A.A.R.F). They agreed to pay for her expenses if we could foster her. We happily agreed and she started her recovery. A.A.R.F. Paid for her vet visit, medications, and spay. After that they found her the best and loving home with my sister in law, so now we still get to see her (now named Sonoma) and keep up with her recovery! We are so grateful, I don’t know what we would have done with our A.A.R.F. They absolutely saved Sonoma’s life.

Sonoma when Brittany first found her, and Sonoma after some love and care!

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